Vivekananda to Mahummad Yunus– Women's Role in Sustainable Development

Swami Vivekananda had relied on women power. He knew that women could give more; and Professor Mahummad Yunus of Bangladesh could utilize it about one hundred years after in his Grameen Bank - in theory and in practice. Yunus, of course, used his own contentions. 'I first met Muhammad Yunus in February, 1997... I found a remarkable man... against huge odds... with energy and determination... allows poor and disadvantaged people to take control of their own lives, make something of themselves and improve the lot of their own families.' (St. James Palace). This paper, is not dealing with the environmental sustainability, there are many experts on it. We propose to discuss, here, economic sustainability, e.g., income generation, rather than giving alms, investment in banks and infrastructure rather than the provision for mindless direct support even when there was no pandemic. However political panic ruled the roost.

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