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Vivekananda Said, 'Let There Be Man Making' And There Was Nivedita

Margaret Noble of England was the very first experiment of Vivekanand in terms of his Man Making. She came to India following him and made India her home, not a second home. In the reverse of the usual migration from the richest country to the poorest, she was providentially chosen to serve the humans, particularly the women. She loved India the way no Indian could. She had served without any expectation. She could easily give her all.
Sister Nivedita had carried no baggage. She had willfully proselytized herself to the Hinduism. Her foster father Swami Vivekananda had given her all the freedom to choose her path. She had chosen the most difficult of the ways and the livelihood. She was the unique in more senses than one. Few only realized her role in raising a whole people during her lifetime. It will take thousands of years on the earth to fathom her contributions in Indian life.
Swami Vivekananda had assigned different tasks to each of his eastern and western disciple. For Sister Nivedita his most coveted hunt from the west, he kept the task of Man Making (MM), the flag ship in his work.

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Social Security With Syndrome And Emotional Exhaustion Among Health Care Professionals In Chennai

Healthcare Industry is considered to be an important source of stress in their workplace Environment. Burnout is also named in terms of characteristics by Emotional weariness, and the action of diverting someone. The objective of the study is to find the personal syndrome and weariness and the factors of burnout among health care professionals in Chennai. Working in healthcare provides a heavy burden in Physical, Emotional, Mental and Purposive issues. These conditions will create an additional burden towards the Employees and that leads them to face the tension in their job. The study was conducted among 130 Health care Employees in Private hospitals in Chennai. It helps to find the causes of emotional exhaustion among the workers. The result shows that there is a significant difference between the Emotional Factors makes you to get Syndrome in their job by using an Anova method and by correlation analysis it shows that there is no significant relationship between age and the level of satisfaction towards Non-Financial Motivation

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Does Corporate Social Responsibility Contributed Towards Agricultural Sector Of India

This paper is basically showing the how corporate social responsibility impacted towards the agricultural sector of India as we see that various companies regulated their part of profits towards the agricultural sector of India. As India is basically largely constitute of agricultural sector that why it is highly recommended to invest the CSR funding for agricultural sector. Hence, in this paper the author has focused on investigating whether the companies who invest in CSR contribute towards the agricultural sector. The findings are startling and it indicates us that more efforts are required by the corporate social responsibility firms in order to boost up the agricultural sector in India.

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A Study of Disney + Hotstar OTT Combination via Acquisition of 21st Century Fox by The Walt Disney Company

Business combinations plays very significant role in the development of the organizations as considered vibrant way to explore strategic options. Transacting Companies have strategic intentions behind initiating business combinations. Business combinations are used a tool for corporate restructuring also. Intensive competition further accelerated the growth of business deals to get edge over competitors. Many organizations are considering business combinations as strategic option not only to accelerate growth but also to focus on wealth maximization. Growth in terms of numbers of Merger and Acquisitions has been observed in business deals/combinations in last five years. Merger, Acquisitions, strategic alliances, joint venture and franchising are the different alternatives under these business combinations which are used by organizations to achieve their mission and vision. Many business combinations received lot of attention, the way they occurred and benefited the transacting companies. This research paper also attempts to focus on one of the acquisition which recently materialized. Hotstar combining with Disney+ platform was the biggest buzz in the sector of OTT platforms. The fact that Disney is a commercially active company with major of its projects on multiplexes, television channels, theme parks, etc., they made such a massive step of integrating the OTT services is very interesting. This paper is an attempt to study the objectives behind this business deal. This paper further focus on evaluating the acquisition of 21st Century Fox by the Walt Disney Company and how this acquisition led to a new business service of Disney+Hotstar. Various analyzed models are studied in this manuscript.

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Performance Management System Practices Followed by Venky's India Limited: A Case Study Approach

Appraising the performance of individuals, groups and organizations is a common practice of all societies. While in some instances these appraisal processes are structured and formally sanctioned, in other instances they are an informal and integral part of daily activities. Consciously or unconsciously evaluate our own actions from time to time. In social interactions, performance is conducted a systematic and planned manner to achieve widespread popularity in recent years. Performance appraisal is essential to understand and improve the employee's performance through HRD. In fact, performance appraisal is the basis for HRD. It was viewed that performance appraisal was useful to decide upon employee promotion / transfer salary determination and the like. But the recent developments in human resources management indicate that performance appraisal is the basis for employee development. Performance appraisal indicates the level of desired performance level, level of actual performance and the gap between these two. This gap should be bridged through human resources development techniques like training executive development etc. According to the past survey it was noticed that the performance appraisal system in this company was not up to the mark. Hence there would be scope for giving few suggestions as per my knowledge to improve the performance appraisal system which was quite essential for the better performance of the employees.

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Impact Of Human Values And Human Capital Management In Textile Industries With Reference To Tiruvallur District

The purpose of the study is to explore the importance of human values and human capital management in an organization to increase the productivity and achieve the goal effectively. Human capital administration is a vital and arranged way to deal with dealing with the most important of the association, workforce. A few methodologies are known about the human capital evaluation and its viability, however the bound together procedure has not been acknowledged at this point. The importance of human values which leads growth and development of business practices. Values are connected and interrelated with human mind, emotions, brain and all. As values are the base for the humans, to analyze the organizations which cares for and give importance to the human values to reduce the dispute among employees and employers. Human Capital Management will assist associations with developing their asset plans. The objective of our paper is to clarify a few measurements of human capital and work force management effectiveness and to unravel handy models call attention to the conceivable usage of information right now showing the financial subjects and tending to of confirmation theory.

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The Role Of Micro-Finance In Sustainable Finance, Employment And Poverty Alleviation

One of the greatest challenges before Indian sub- continent which accommodates more than one-third of its population living below poverty line. This paper examines the impact of microfinance on income and employment on socially disadvantage group in particular. The study primarily based on the field survey conducted by the author in various district of Uttarakhand. Both participants and non-participants are taken into consideration for better understanding of the impact of microfinance. Comparison of member and non-members socio-economic condition is reported and it was found that non-participants are the most vulnerable and are at a disadvantage position than their counterparts. Probity-model is applied to examine the household specific factors explaining participation in the program.

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Book Review: Why Nations Fail

What makes a country prosperous? Why are some countries rich, and why some fail to provide even the basic needs to their citizens? Why did the industrial revolution happen in England instead of France or Spain? These are some questions the authors of this wildly ambitious and intellectually rich book try to answer throughout four hundred and seventy pages. “Why nations fail?” attempts to establish an underlying theory for understanding wealth and power around the world and throughout history.

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