Issue 4

Exploring the Socio Economic Segment of Swami Vivekananda's Work

Those who thought mostly did not work. The dichotomy was marked by absence in Swami Vivekananda. His Man Making has been alive in his work on the Ramakrishna Mission and Ramakrishna Math. Spiritual and Secular found simultaneous abode in him. He advised Jamshedji Tata in India and Francis D. Rockfeller in the USA to develop the devises of research in the progress of mankind. They followed him to change the courses of their business activities. Thus, not only did they become even more successful, but could leave a mark in the progress of mankind.

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A Study on Impact of Green Banking in India

These days all over world there is so much focus on economic progress of their nation but mankind has made a giant gap in its journey through time. The overall development gave us an upgraded lifestyle but has also lead to a gave a big loss of biodiversity, climatic change, environment damage and so many. Banks are the part of service sector still not the exception for this because it provides an important leadership for the required economic development which utilizes to provide new financing opportunities as well as portfolio management to create a strong and successful carbon free economy. 

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An Association Rule of Market Basket Analysis to Optimize Retail Revenue

The paper goes to address the impact of association rule mining or affinity analysis to understand what optimizes retail revenue. This is a working paper in which Market Basket Analysis would be done from the primary data under process of collection from a retail outlet at Mira road, Thane. MBA is used in various fields to obtain information of customer preference among the target audience. The customer behavior of the trade area enables a retailer adopt informed decision thus obtaining the Right Product, at Right Quantity, in Right Time to gain efficiency and optimize revenue both from effective sales and inventory management.

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Impact of Store Attributes on Customer Satisfaction and Store Brand Loyalty – A Mediation Role

The study aims at establishing an association between the various features of the store and its implication on the satisfaction level of the customers and store brand loyalty while shopping for grocery in organized retail store. The study examines the mediating role of store attributes like, product, promotion, price, location and service of the organized retail outlets on the customer satisfaction and store brand loyalty using Structured Questionnaire collected from 371 respondents through Google forms. The customer satisfaction and store brand loyalty were analyzed using Descriptive statistics, ANOVA test, Correlation and development of a Model. The finding of the study revealed that the attributes of the store in relation to customer satisfaction and store brand loyalty was supported.

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To Understand the Methodology of Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) Through its Application in the Selection of Automobiles

Very often in engineering and commercial applications, we are faced with the problem of making the optimal decision from amongst the available alternatives which are based on several different criteria. To add to the complications, these criteria are expressed in different units. Also, some of the criteria cannot be expressed in quantitative terms. However, the AHP methodology helps us to overcome these problems and enables us to arrive at the optimal decision. In this paper, we illustrate the use of this methodology in taking a decision on the selection of best car for the family based on multiple criteria including sub-criteria in some cases. Initially, the sub-criteria are evaluated taking two at a time and their relative priorities are assigned based on their importance to the main criterion.

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A Comparative Analysis on the Awareness in Small Savings Scheme with Reference to Sukanya Samriddhi Account and Public Provident Fund

Small Savings Schemes are savings products administered by the Government of India. The small saving scheme has government backing which ensures public confidence and safety of the investment. This research paper aims to make a comparative study of the awareness about two forms of investment. For the purpose of this study, the investors in small saving schemes were selected as the respondents. The primary data was collected from 20 respondents from Mumbai and Kolkata region. The primary data has been collected through questionnaire.

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Book Review: Online Teaching at Its Best: Merging Instructional Design with Teaching and Learning Research

While online educational offerings have expanded rapidly at many institutions, faculty professional development is rather putting the focus on technologies and offering prescriptive advice based on anecdotal experiences and common sense. Online Teaching at Its Best highlights the proven online teaching practices that are anchored in solid research.

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